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Our priority : Limit the risk of contamination

Market leader, APP Group operates from over 10 years in the field of decontamination, setting cleanliness and disinfection of the air but also in water treatment with a unique and environmentally friendly.
Present in both France and Italy to respond effectively to the problem on the hygiene of air and water, the APP Group is able to develop services cleaning and decontamination in all sectors with rapid response 7/7 and 24 hours/24, as preventive or curative.

Who are we?

APP Group since 2000, Member of International Associations Study and Environmental Contamination control, works on all the issues relating to the Air Hygiene (Aerodynamics) and the protection of water systems. We develop our services all over France, and Italy. Our engineers and technicians are available to respond to emergencies, with continuous availability 7/7 and 24h/24 on your processing requirements of air and water. Industrial production and agro-food companies tertiary channels catering, research laboratories, hospitals and clinics, municipal swimming pools, property managers trust us and adopt our now solutions 100% guaranteed, healthy and ecological benefit of our advice for saving money.

Our interventions


Cleaning air ducts


Decontamination in hospitals


Degreasing cooling tower


Degreasing airducts