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AIR QUALITY CONTROL Decontamination, biocleaning, cleaning, degreasing,
we preserve your equipment, tools and working conditions.
WATER QUALITY CONTROL We provide solutions in the treatment of water circuits. A RECOGNIZED KNOW-HOW Production industries, Food-processing, Tertiary sector companies, Catering, Medical,
we accompany all sectors of activity.
ECOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS Thanks to innovative eco-friendly technology, we help you to reduce
chemical consumption by 30-50%.
HEALTHY FACTORIES Whether in the car, metal, textile or construction industries, we remain an indispensable partner
in the evacuation of pollutants and air purification.
BOATS, PRIVATE YACHTS We carry out the cleaning of your ventilation systems, air conditioning, disinfection,
decontamination if necessary and degreasing of kitchen hoods.
VENTILATION NETWORKS Cleaning, dust removal or disinfection, we take care of the cleaning of your ventilation networks,
ducts for controlled home ventilation...
COOLING TOWERS Food-processing, Industry, we carry out all the operations of cleaning of your equipment.

Activity sectors


HEALTH / Pharmaceutical laboratories, hospitals, retirement homes


INDUSTRY / Chemistry, metallurgy, textile, car industry

Food processing

FOOD-PROCESSING / Production, packaging, transformation


TERTIARY / Administrative offices, logistics centres, communities


CATERING / Self-services, fast food, restaurants


MARITIME / Long cruising boats, private yachts

Aeraulic purification, bio-cleaning

APP Groupe intervenes on site for the disinfection or decontamination of aeraulic networks, the cleaning and biocleaning of white rooms, sterile areas, or biological research centres.

Degreasing of hoods, extraction engines

With regular degreasing of your equipment, APP Groupe ensures perfect food hygiene, optimisation of the operation of your installations and compliance with the regulations in force.

Cold room defrosting

We regularly intervene in the industrial sector in order to defrost cold rooms, refrigerating installations, condensers and evaporators to maintain a constant dry temperature.

Unique Acquaprocess process

It allows an ecological, natural, preventive and curative treatment of water circuits thanks to a unique low-frequency induction process acting on limescale, biofilm, corrosion, bacteria.

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